Where To Go In A Day In Southern Cebu, Philippines (Itinerary)

Cebu is one of the provinces in the Philippines I have always been looking forward to going. One, because almost all of my friends have been there and I haven’t and two, I want to see the whale sharks.

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Itinerary for a Day in Siquijor, Philippines

​We arrived at Siquijor port at 12 PM coming from Dumaguete. Walking from the boat to the gate of the port will already make you feel excited because you can see crystal clear water. Once you get out of the port gate, there are tricycles and Vans that offers you a tour and you can start the tour immediately!

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Conquering Mt. Batulao

Climb a mountain. I never trek before in my life and the invite to “climb a mountain” sounded like a challenge. Mt. Batulao is located in Batangas, this mountain is good for trekking by beginners like me. This was my first climb and it has been worth the try.

We did a night hike. We are a group of maybe 25-28 members (I forgot our exact count). So this is a good experience for me. I get to climb a mountain, do a night hike, camp and sleep in the mountains and meet new people.

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May 2013

Far from the city lights and stress of traffic, comes the island of Batanes. True enough that it feels like a different country. There’s this humongous space of green grass and no sight of pollution anywhere. I wasn’t even able to see any public transportation during my stay. They have small communities where it feels like you can count the number of houses in no time.

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