JAPAN | Kiyomizudera Temple, Kyoto

You can’t miss out on Kiyomizudera temple, it’s definitely one of the biggest and most popular temples in Kyoto. It can also be a bit too crowded so plan your visit. I recommend going early in the morning like we did. For more details on our One day itinerary in Kyoto, please check this blog….

How to Get a Japan Visa | Reli Tours

Last November 11, 2016, I went to Dusit Thani Makati to file my application for a Japan Visa. Dusit Thani is the home for several accredited agencies that can process your Japan Visa application, one of them is Reli Tours.

Itinerary for a Day in Siquijor, Philippines

​We arrived at Siquijor port at 12 PM coming from Dumaguete. Walking from the boat to the gate of the port will already make you feel excited because you can see crystal clear water. Once you get out of the port gate, there are tricycles and Vans that offers you a tour and you can…

Winter in Nami Island

  January 2016 One of the highlights of our visit in Korea is Nami Island. It is popular because a famous Korean Drama was taken here – Winter Sonata. We planned to go early because it will be a full day for us, aside from Nami, we also have Petite France and Garden of Morning…

Getting Ready for Winter

  I live in a tropical country and it will be my first time to experience the winter season. So what should we expect in a winter season and how do we prepare for it? To give you a brief background on what I prepared for, I went to Seoul, South Korea last January 8-13, 2016. If…

Travel to Seoul, South Korea – Visa Application

  December 12, 2015 Have you been to Seoul before? For me, this will be my first time and at the point of writing this blog, I haven’t been to Seoul yet. But I am writing this already so I won’t forget what we did and what we are currently doing for the preparations so…

Gardens by the Bay, Singapore

August 29, 2015 One reason why I wanted to go to Singapore is bacause I wanted to see the Supertrees. The Supertrees are in Gardens by the Bay which is right around Marina Bay Sands.