7 Must See Destinations in the Philippines

Philippines have more than 7,000 islands. Located in the western part of the Pacific Ocean and part of the south East Asia.

If you are looking for a paradise destination, consider Philippines. There are too many paradise-looking beaches here, definitely world class.

I am a Filipino, I’ve been to other countries and I can say that our facilities and infrastructures are way behind than our neighboring countries. Traffic in the Metro is so obnoxiously heavy not to mention too crowded. But I must say that our beaches can definitely compete globally. So, if you’re a foreigner and planning to travel to the Philippines, check out our provinces and you will feel like you are in paradise! 🙂

Here are some of the amazing places I have been to.



Boracay is known world-wide because of its fine white sand. I haven’t been to any other beach (yet) with that quality of sand. There are so many things to do like Parasailing, Island Hopping, Flying fish, you can also try the ATV to go uphill and overlook the island (there’s a lot more to do!). The view of the sun set is perfect. Night life in Boracay is so lively. There are too many bars and restaurants by the beach. Beach, Food and Party is the name of the game here. Don’t wonder if you’ll wake up lying on the sand with hang over the next day. Haha!

Extra: It seems like there are more Koreans in Boracay than Filipinos. Haha



Batanes Island is in the northernmost part of the Philippines. Even Filipinos are looking forward to go to this island because it may be hard to book a budget friendly plane fare and also, the Island is often hit by typhoons. So if you get the chance during summer go book the flight because it is definitely worth it. Fields after fields of green, this is our version of “Marlboro Country”. See more of my trip in Batanes on my  blog 🙂



Coron is in Palawan. And the beaches in Palawan are definitely one of the best! My first trip in Coron was in 2011, it was my first trip outside Luzon and the experience definitely sets my Island hopping standards high. Definitely the best. I think we visited at least 10 islands on our 5 days stay. Everything was perfect. I came back last 2015 but we got hit by typhoon (sadly) so we are not able to explore much again unlike 2011.



Another destination in Palawan. Comparable to Coron, El Nido do have a lot of wonderful islands to boast as well. Island hopping was too frequently done so they pre-arranged Island Hopping Tours (Tours A, B, C, D and E) which is common and followed by the boatsmen. If you have limited time and may not be able to take all tours.. Tours A and C are the most common but try what we did, we negotiated for combined tours. One day for tours A and B and another day for C and D. We didn’t go for tour E but we went to Nacpan island (part of tour E) by ourselves.



Okay, so aside from our beaches we also have lots of mountains to trek to like Mt. Batulao. So far, this is the only mountain I have been to that’s why I am throwing it in on my list. Haha! But why not? Mt. Batulao is in Nasugbu, Batangas which is just a few hours away from the metro. The trek is good for beginners like me so don’t worry much, but be reminded that it is still quite a long trek so try to prepare for it. I shared my experience in my blog, check it here > Conquering Mt. Batulao



Looong bus ride is what you have to endure to go to Sagada but it is totally worth it. There are several activities to do like spelunking in cave connection, trekking/hiking to see the hanging coffins, under ground river and rice terraces, watch the sun rise in kiltepan. Not to mention the food is so delicious! Maybe because of the fresh fruits and vegetables.



Bicol is the home of our perfectly shaped volcono – Mt. Mayon. I can’t forget that fun ATV ride to get a bit closer to the volcano. Head to Donsol to catch a glimpse and swim with the whale sharks. You can also try firefly watching at night.

So that’s my 7 destinations in the Philippines. There’s definitely more to see here because it’s more fun in the Philippines. 🙂


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