Petite France and Garden of Morning Calm

After that fun trip in Nami Island, it is time to see other tourist spots near the area.

We want back to the bus stop along the road outside the ticketing office of the Ferry to wait for the bus.


The bus ride from Nami stop to Petite France is longer than I thought, I thought it would be just a 10 to 15 minute ride but it is about 45 minutes to an hour of zigzag ride.

Bus stop is right in front of Petite France. We noted the bus schedule first before we went to the ticketing office to make sure we budget our time wisely.


You can go around the area in an hour or so. The place has been featured in different Korean shows as well.



We made our stay in Petite France short but sweet. Heading to Garden of Morning Calm now…


We arrived late afternoon at the garden but the lights are already on. As it turned darker and darker, the lights are getting more vibrant. I personally love beautiful lights, it so calming and cozy for me – feels like Christmas.


Look! They have a field of blue lights!


And if ever you have that dream of becoming a princess in a carriage, here is your chance. 🙂



Pink lights? No problem.


At the back of these trees, you can find a chapel. It looks magical with all that lights!


Going on the other side, there’s another path with lights. Then an area with all the vibrant colored lights.



So so beautiful! If it wasn’t too cold that night we will probably be staying longer but winter is winter, it is soo cold that one of my friends decided to head back out first because she couldn’t take how cold it is.

Overall, it was a great day us. Hundreds and hundreds of pictures were taken that day from Nami to Petite France to Garden of Morning Calm 🙂


3 Comments Add yours

  1. Pete says:

    Thank you for posting your wonderful photographs.

  2. Lala Oli says:

    hello, are the lights available in March? 🙂

    1. LASHtravels says:

      Hi Lala, I think the schedule for the lights this 2017 is until March 26, 2017. 🙂

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