Places to Visit and Itinerary for a Winter Vacation in Seoul, South Korea


What are the places to visit in Seoul, South Korea during Winter? I have listed some below and I also listed our actual itinerary during our trip last January.

  1. Nami IslandWhen you go here during winter, expect dried leaves all over the ground which made me think that the island might be vibrant during Autumn. Snow will probably depend if it is actually snowing on the day of your visit. Want to learn more about my visit in Nami? Check this blog!


2. Petite France


There are many Korean shows taken here in Petite France. You can probably tour the entire place in less than an hour.

3. Garden of Morning Calm


Stay at the Garden of Morning Calm til dark to see the beautiful lights. The entire place is covered with lights! Very beautiful and very cold too! So if you are planning to here during winter, please don’t forget to bring your heat packs 🙂
Highly suggested to go to Nami Island, Petite France and Garden of Morning Calm in one day because they are close to each other and you can buy a day pass bus ticket which will take you to these 3 destinations.

4. Lotte World

It is actually too cold when we visit Lotte World that we can’t even take rides. However, you can stay indoors where they also have rides and an ice skating rink.

5. Go Skiing!

Elysian Ski Resort

Take advantage of the season and go skiing! We definitely had a great experience! Check more of our fun experience here:  First Time Ski Experience in Elysian Ski Resort

6. Palace Hopping


We enjoyed Changdeokgung Palace (where the pictures above are taken) more than the popular Gyeongdeokgung Palace where the changing of guards are being held. Maybe because there’s less people here but both palaces are equally beautiful and historic.

7. Love Locks and N Seoul Tower



The tower lights up at night so we plan to go at night, little did we know that we are off to a freezing night. This is the coldest area I’ve been in Korea! Tolerable but really really cold. Anyway, we still enjoyed our visit in N Seoul. We enjoyed looking at those hundreds and hundreds of locks and the sight of the city lights.

8. Street Food and Shopping in Myeongdong




Another known reason why people travel to South Korea is for Shopping! If your purpose is to shop, try to schedule your travel during the Korea Grand Sale season. You should also try the street food, they have a lot on the street and they are delish!


Below is our actual itinerary for Seoul. There were changes from our original itinerary and I will try to mention what we had in our original plan.

Travel Date : January 8-13, 2016
Season : Winter
Group of 5

Day 1
Time Details PHP KRW
4:00 Meet-up Time
4:30-5:00 Travel time to Airport. Taxi fare ₱150.00
5:00 ETA in NAIA Terminal 3
Airport Taxes ₱1,620.00
Terminal Fee
7:10-12:10 Travel time from Manila to Incheon Airport (AirAsia) ₱9,900.00
12:10-1:00 Airport Duties > Immigration > Exchange enough money for Tmoney
Buy T-Money ₱840.00 KRW20,000.00
1:00-2:30 Exit 5 B > Airport Bus 6001 -Travel time > Drop Off: Western Co-op Acacia Hotel ₱630.00 KRW15,000.00
3:00 ETA in Home Stay
Address: Seoul. Jung-Gu. Eul jiro 5Ga 273-2. Samsung Gold Castle ₱4,539.00
3:30 Exchange Money around Myeongdong
4:30 ETA in Ewha Station
9:00 Headback to Myeongdong (shop)
 TOTAL ₱17,679.00 KRW35,000.00
Day 2
Time Details PHP KRW
8:00 Wakeup Time > Breakfast
10:00-4:30 Lotte World Adventure ₱2,016.00 KRW48,000.00
4:30-5:30 Lotte Shopping
Travel back to homestay
7:00-11:00 NSeoul Tower
Cable Car ₱357.00 KRW8,500.00
Love Locks
N Seoul Tower Observatory Deck ₱378.00 KRW9,000.00
Headback Home
 TOTAL ₱2,751.00 KRW65,500.00
Day 3
Time Details PHP KRW
8:30 ETD to Changdeokgung Palace
9 AM – 11:00 Changdeokgung Palace ₱126.00 KRW3,000.00
11-1:00 Head to Bukchon Hanok Village
1:00-2:00 Lunch
2:00-3:30 ETA at Gyeongbukgung Palance
Buy entrance ticket to the Palace ₱126.00 KRW3,000.00
Sumunjang (Royal Guard) Changing Ceremony
3:30-4:00 Ganghwamun Square (statue of King Sejong) – located infront of the Ganghwamun Gate
4:00-5:00 Cheongkuenchon Stream
6:00 Dongdaemun Market
9 :00 Headback Home
 TOTAL ₱252.00 KRW6,000.00
Day 4
Time Details PHP KRW
5:30-7:00 Wakeup > Travel time to Gapyeong Station
7:00 AM ETA Gapyeong Station, buy a day pass bus ticket ₱252.00 KRW6,000.00
7-7:45 Ferry to Nami Island ₱336.00 KRW8,000.00
7:45-12:55 Tour Nami Island
12:55-1:40 Travel Time to Petite France
1:40-3:40 Tour around Petite France ₱336.00 KRW8,000.00
3:40-5:40 Travel to The Garden of Morning Calm
5:40-8:00 Tour Around The Garden of Morning Calm ₱336.00 KRW8,000.00
8-10:00 Head back home
 TOTAL ₱1,260.00 KRW30,000.00
Day 5
Time Details PHP KRW
6:00 AM Wake up time
7:00-8:00AM Hotel Pickup
8:00-9:30AM Travel time to Jisan Ski Resort ₱3,360.00 KRW80,000.00
9:30-11:00AM Ski gear rental and basic ski lesson
11:00-3:30PM Free time to ski and lunch
3:30-6:00PM Back to Seoul and stop by a shopping center. Drop off is at hotel
6:00-7:00 Rest in our Hotel
7:00-8:00 Dinner
8:00 onwards Shopping at either Myeongdong, Dongdaemun
 TOTAL ₱3,360.00 KRW80,000.00
Day 6
Time Details PHP KRW
9:30 ETD in Seoul ₱630.00 KRW15,000.00
10:55 ETA in Incheon International Airport
12:55 Flight back to Manila
 TOTAL ₱630.00 KRW15,000.00

Day 1 expenses will depend on how much you book your flight and your hotel. Do not forget to book check-in baggage on your flight since you will be carrying bulky and heavy winter clothes.
Airport Limousine Bus also accepts T-Money Cards so you can add the fare to the value that you are going to load. I loaded my T-Money Card  a total amount of KRW50,000. This is good enough. KRW15,000 for the Airport Bus One-Way for a total of KRW30,000. The remaining KRW20,000 was enough for my train and bus fares during my stay.
– One basic train ride costs KRW1250.
– We originally planned a JSA tour for Day 2. However, due to increased tension in North Korea, our tour was cancelled. Hence, the Lotte World of Adventure.

Here is the summary of our expenses:

Day 1 ₱17,679.00 KRW35,000.00
Day 2 ₱2,751.00 KRW65,500.00
Day 3 ₱252.00 KRW6,000.00
Day 4 ₱1,260.00 KRW30,000.00
Day 5 ₱3,360.00 KRW80,000.00
Day 6 ₱630.00 KRW15,000.00
 TOTAL ₱25,932.00 KRW231,500.00

The total does not include Food Allowance as well as Shopping Allowance. If you can book a cheaper flight, then your budget can be lower than ours.

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