Getting Ready for Winter


I live in a tropical country and it will be my first time to experience the winter season. So what should we expect in a winter season and how do we prepare for it?

To give you a brief background on what I prepared for, I went to Seoul, South Korea last January 8-13, 2016. If you are a first-timer like me, you might find this blog helpful.

You need a good layer of clothing if you plan to go places during a winter season. Here’s some tips on what to wear:

Thermal > Thick Sleeveless top > Fleece/Pullover/Sweaters > Winter Jacket

  1. Thermal : I bought mine in GreenHills Shopping Center at Php450.00 for a pair – top and bottom. They have a cheaper version but that one is less thicker. You will prefer the thick one for winter, believe me.
  2. Thick Sleeveless top : This layer is something I prefer than wearing another layer of thick long sleeves top. I found that several layers of long sleeves will help warm you up but it will be difficult for you to move your shoulders and arms.
  3. Fleece/Pullovers/Sweaters : Find a thick one. It might be heavier but you will be thankful once you are out there and not freezing.
  4. Winter Jacket : Please carry with you a WINTER JACKET and not an ordinary or autumn jacket. Despite all that layers, you will still feel the cold piercing through your body.

**Add more layers if you think necessary. The best piece you can double here is the thermal as it is more strechable.

Thermal > Winter Stockings > Jeans

  1. Thermal : Same explanation as above
  2. Stockings : I bought stockings with number 70 on its packaging. The number defines the thickness of the stockings.
  3. Jeans

Socks > Stockings > Socks > Leg warmer > Shoes

Well yup! You read that right. Socks to stockings to another pair of socks. Why? I am the type that when my feet gets cold, my entire body gets cold.

  1. Socks : A thick cotton one will do.
  2. Stockings
  3. Socks : Another layer will help
  4. Leg warmers : This is optional

– Beanie/Bonnet
– Earmuffs : If I have to choose, I will choose earmuffs over beanie. If you will only wear a beanie, you will find yourself pulling it down to cover your ears. But it is better if you have both and just choose whatever suits your need.
– Scarf : Knitted scarf might be thicker. Scarf is really helpful covering your neck and the lower part of your face. You will find yourself wanting to cover your nose and mouth when it gets too cold.
– Mask : I bought one in the streets of Myeongdong.
– Gloves : I thought gloves were pricey so I just bought the cheaper ones that is somewhat ordinary. I kind of regret this as my hands were numb and when your hands get cold, the coldness seem to run all over your body.
– Backpack : I prefer carrying a backpack every time I travel so my hands are free and I can take pictures whenever I want. Aside from that, this might help cover your back and serves as another layer of cover during winter.

– Oil : I bought the Johnsons and Johnsons baby oil, that one in green container. I put oil all over my body before sleeping and when I go out. Not sure if it is just me but I think it warms me up.
– Lotion and Moisturizers : Skin will get dry during winter so find a good product that will give a good amount of moisture on your skin.
– Lip Balm : Lips will dry and will crack so do not forget to put on your favorite lip balm.
– Medicine : Bring some medicine for flu/cough/cold. Better ready than sorry.
– Heat Packs : This has been a really helpful product for me. You can buy one in Korea in any convenience stores. They have heat packs for your shoulders, your feet and the ordinary square one. I bought the square one.

For sure you will survive winter and I hope the details above will give you some idea on what to pack before you head to your winter trip. Have a fun trip! 🙂

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